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July 1st, 1867 Edition of The Globe and Mail

July 1st, 1867 Edition of The Globe and Mail


The Globe, July 1, 1867

There is a good deal of history packed into the four pages of The Globe from July 1st, 1867.  The first two pages and a bit of the third are the first person story of Confederation by George Brown, one of the Fathers of Confederation and The Globe’s first publisher. 

The first time this issue was reproduced was in 1967 when The Globe and Mail borrowed a copy from the Dundas museum and set fourteen artists to work on preparing a legible copy that could be reprinted and included with the Centennial issue.  The Globe’s copy of the paper had been destroyed in a fire at the paper in 1885.

Moving with the times today’s issue is available in electronic format for all our subscribers on the Globe2Go site.  It can also be purchased at The Globe store.